Our projects have been featured in regional and national press. Here’s a roundup of recent press you might have caught us in.

Chatham Living by the Sea Spring Summer Cover 2021

A Reimagined Retreat

A small remodeling project morphed into a major renovation of this uniquely designed Chatham home. A variety of textures and elements are layered throughout.

Boston Magazine Name That Tune March Issue 2021 Cover

Name That Tune

Settling into their new North Shore residence, a family from Georgia fill an unused study with music and southern charm after yearning for a music room to house their Pramberger piano.

Northshore Home Winter 2021 Cover

A Peaceful Place

Nicknamed the Green Mountain State for obvious reasons, Vermont is also a state of mind. Dotted with fields, woods, trails, and ponds, much of Vermont is catnip for lovers of the outdoors.

Northshore Home Winter 2021 Cover

Office Space

With remote work here to stay, designers help clients institute more permanent solutions. The space doesn’t have to be huge; just flexible, bright, and comfortable, as seen in this office space in Gloucester.

At Home Cape Cod Fall Winter Issue Cover 2020

Oriented to the Outdoors

A couple saw incredible potential to transform this Chatham home into a place that would one day accommodate their family's dream to entertain guests in an outdoor setting around a pool.

Cape Cod Home Autumn Diamond in the Bluff 2020

Diamond in the Bluff

SV Design and Spencer + Company teamed up to transform a dated structure into a modern marvel. Ahead is ocean as far as the eye can see, twinkling with sun diamonds as the waves glide to shore.

Boston Design Guide Prelude Cover 2020

High-style kitchen solutions for the heart and soul of the home.

What began as a renovation project morphed into a new house perfectly aligned with the coastline to maximize views of the ocean, islands, and shoals.

This Old House July August Cover v2

Fit for Generations to Come

Built in 1891, the gracious Shingle-style house had welcomed more than a century of family gatherings. Now revived, it stands ready for its current owners to add their own chapter to its history.