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Repurposing and Retaining the Integrity of a Historic Building

SV Design is helping transform the former Briscoe Middle School in Beverly into affordable senior housing and artist studios while retaining the integrity of the original building.

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A Delicate Balance of Past and Present: This Old House

Here we examine three ways our integrated architecture and interior design team created a sanctuary out of this 130-year-old, shingle style house north of Boston.

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Design Integrity Starts with an Integrated Team

Designing with architecture and interiors intertwined at the forefront of the mind from day one of a project results in meticulously tailored spaces throughout a home.

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3 Charming Historic Home Renovations

Preserving the pristine, historic beauty and character of a house while transforming it into a vibrant, modern dwelling with style and detail is always at the forefront of our mind.

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Designing Your Vacation Home

You’ve been dreaming of a weekend getaway to call your own: a seaside cottage, a lake house, or a mountain lodge. Here are 5 things we tell our clients to consider when designing their dream getaway.

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Transformations: Bringing a Vision to Life

Imagine this: someone has lived in their house for a very long time or maybe has recently purchased a home, but this space doesn’t necessarily feel like “theirs”.

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Advantages of a Professional Team Model

There are different approaches to designing and building a home. Here’s a simple overview of three models – and why working with a cross-disciplinary team is proven to work in the client’s best interest.

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Community & Passion Matters to SV Design

Booker T. Washington once said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” From the North Shore of Boston to Cape Cod and beyond, we believe in the people and communities that surround us.

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Thinking Outside the Box with Modular Design & Construction

Innovation is thinking outside the box to provide solutions to challenges a community may face. In this case, communities north of Boston lack housing for those commuting into the city and working on the North Shore.