Transformations: Bringing a Vision to Life

By: Tobin Shulman, AIA, Beverly Architect

Coastal retreat insights
Imagine this: someone has lived in their house for a very long time or maybe has recently purchased a home, but this space doesn’t necessarily feel like “theirs”.

This challenge coupled with the homeowner’s visions and SV Design’s expertise and creativity lead to wonderful design transformations. Transformations has been a design trend for decades. SV Design has had the honor of transforming many homeowners’ hopes and dreams to a reality and even more: a beautiful way of living. SV Design has built a reputation from Boston’s North Shore to Cape Cod and beyond for specializing in beautiful and functional spaces that transform lives through exceptional design.

Transformations can be procuring furnishings or reinventing spaces. It can be as small as designing a renovation for a single room or as big as re-designing a large-scale home. SV Design’s expertise is in architecture, interior design, décor, and furnishings and we have a talented team that works with homeowners to bring their design visions’ to life.

Expect Unexpected Before
Expect Unexpected a FTER
The White House Before
The White House After
Houseonthe Bluff Before
Houseonthe Bluff In Progress
Houseonthe Bluff Before2
Houseonthe Bluff In Progress2
Gone Fishing Before Front v3
Gone Fishing After Front
Gone Fishing Before
Gone Fishing After
TOH Cape Ann Before
TOH Cape Ann In Progress