Advantages of a Professional Team Model

By: Tobin Shulman, AIA, Beverly Architect

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"Integrating architecture and interior design expertise ensures that the design vision informs every step of the project."

There are different approaches to designing and building a home, and it’s important to understand the implications of each before you select a firm for your project. To help cut through the confusion, here’s a simple overview of three models – and why a professional, cross-disciplinary team approach is proven to work in the client’s best interests.

Contractor-Led Design-Build

The popular “design-build” model is typically offered by building contractors who use their own in-house resources to draw up a plan, foregoing the architect. While it might save money in the short term, you’ll wind up with a cookie-cutter plan that the builder is comfortable with, rather than a home built to the client’s unique lifestyle needs, tastes, and specifications.

Architect-Led “Turn-key” Model

On the other extreme, there are a handful of end-to-end architecture firms that have in-house construction teams. While this simplifies choices, if something goes wrong at any step the client has no recourse – and no objective party to advocate for them. Many of these firms will typically outsource interior design and decoration, leaving the finishing touches to a third party.

Integrated Professional Team Model

SV Design’s “best-of” model combines cross-disciplinary expertise with a flexible build approach and places the client at the center of the process. Integrating architecture and interior design expertise ensures that the design vision informs every step of the project. We draw from a preferred network of best-in-class builders to assemble the optimal team for your project. SV Design oversees every step of the project, and interfaces directly with the construction team, ensuring quality assurance and accountability while giving the client a single point of contact – a partner who will advocate for their best interests.

Whether you’re renovating, building a home, and/or ready for a decor refresh, we’d love to help bring your design vision to life.