Sea Scape

Boston's North Shore, Massachusetts

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This North Shore residence captures commanding views of the ocean, while maintaining a sense of privacy for the homeowners. Their priorities focused on thoughtful design, evolving from a restoration of a small summer cottage into a new home, well sited on a narrow lot. SV Design worked within the constraints of conservation and a flood zone to create a masterpiece of charm and appeal. The home reflects the tastes of the owners, who remained involved through every step of the process. Natural light is well utilized, the open layout provides ease in entertaining and in day to day living, and the views are captured from assorted vantage points. Personalized accents abound throughout the property--- warm wood flooring, stone accents--- both inside and outside of the home, a kitchen with clean lines and efficient storage space, and a butler’s pantry. The design of the property is aesthetically pleasing, creative, and functional; most of all, it fulfilled the visions of the clients.

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Builder: T.J. Berky Builders

Photographer: Jared Kuzia