Hammer & Heels

Boston's North Shore, Massachusetts

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Historic Gothic Revival Home Transformed for Family Life

This historic 1840’s Gothic Revival home is perched on the harbor of a quaint New England town. The home is eye-catching with decorative stained-glass sidelights and a traditional steep pitched roof with intersecting gables true to the Gothic Revival architectural style. The home presented an array of design challenges: a narrow restricted lot cozy to the neighboring properties, a sensitive coastal location, and a structure desperately in need of major renovations.

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SV Design completed a renovation and addition that respected the historic notion of individual rooms, small spaces, and connecting hallways, yet maximized water views from the main house and studios. The solution was an expansion of windows on the water side of the home, a small addition that incorporates an open kitchen and family room concept, and an interior design to reflect the homeowners’ personal aesthetic. The historic preservation of the front façade kept to the Gothic Revival style.

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The interior of the home was completely refreshed, bringing in a blended reflection of art and family history with modern, fanciful choices. Dedicated spaces such as home offices, a formal library, children’s bedrooms, a play space, a mudroom, and a master suite with a fireplace and walk-in closets were integrated into the design. Selections and furnishings capture and relay the soul of the home and its owners with appreciation to bold colors, eclectic traditional décor, and intricate details.

As testament to the successful renovation, the master bathroom has been said to be described as “full of rainbows” in the morning.

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