Shades of White

Chatham, Massachusetts

Shadesof White Hero Ext7 200312 205659

A Thoughtfully Designed Renovation

The architects and designers of SV Design worked with this home’s owners to transform a newly purchased, eclectic house into a serene, zen-like Cape Cod retreat. The prairie-style exterior and post and beam interior provided an interesting challenge and an opportunity to create something that would be both elegant and timeless.

After learning what the owners appreciated about the home, as well as what was a frustration, SV Design studied all elements, from exterior to interior to come up with a winning design. With carefully planned additions and subtractions, the exterior shell and interior spaces were modified to create an aesthetic perfectly suited to the family’s lifestyle and needs.

The end result is a breath of fresh air, a home that meets all of the homeowner needs in a harmonious way. Textures and elements (wood, glass, stone and metal) are layered throughout the house while its neutral palette, consisting primarily of whites transitioning to grays, keeps a sophisticated calm flowing from room to room.

The homeowners are so pleased with the outcome, they are now considering making their vacation home into a year-round residence.

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