Endicott College: Brindle Hall

Beverly, Massachusetts
Architecture, Interiors

Brndl Int 1A Flr 2 Lounge 3411 Hero

Upon completing design and construction of Endicott's newest dormitory, Peter Frates Hall, SV was hired by Endicott College to renovate an older dormitory, Brindle Hall. Completed in three phases, the project added 2100 square feet, and converted what was a dark, 1960s structure into a bright, airy space. Updated bathrooms, new lounge spaces and cosmetic updates to living areas elevate the quality of the student experience. Mechanical upgrades, including a new elevator, make the building energy efficient and accessible. The renewed Brindle Hall blends harmoniously with the new Frates Hall and another neighboring dorm, creating a unified outdoor gathering space with a quad-like feel and sweeping views of the ocean.

Brndl Ext 1B 3610 Shellyharrison Hero

Photographer: Shelly Harrison