Our projects have been featured in regional and national press. Here’s a roundup of recent press you might have caught us in.

SV Design At Home Cape Cod Cover Spring Summer 2022
Leveling Up

A couple looking to purchase property in Chatham but having little luck finding a home that would suit their needs, had a turn in fortune when they typed “Chatham architect” into Google. At the top of the search results was SV Design. And within hours, the couple found themselves at the architecture and interior design firm’s office...

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SV Design Chatham Living by the Sea Spring Summer 2022
Small Spaces, Big Ideas

Balancing historic preservation with modern living is a challenge for any architect and interior designer, but it’s a task that SV Design handled with sensitivity and creativity at the Captain John Hammond Jr. House. SV Design teamed up with a local contractor, Monomoy Real Estate and Construction, to renovate the home...

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Northshore Magazine March 2022 Cover
Transformational Space

If Chris Lovasco, president and CEO of the YMCA of the North Shore, could use one word to describe the new Glen T. MacLeod Cape Ann YMCA in Gloucester, it would be “transformational.” Just looking at the building, designed by Beverly-based architecture firm SV Design, makes it easy to see why...

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New England Home Press Cover Nov Dec 2021
Stowed Away

A family's winter retreat frows with them, thanks to an organized and efficient addition. Their Lakes Region, New Hampshire vacation house, affectionately referred to as the "Ski Shack," had served them well. But over time, as the outdoors-loving family expanded, so did its ever-growing collection of recreational equipment, from skis to snowboards to ice skates...

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New England Home Press Cover Nov Dec 2021
New England Design Hall of Fame- Jean Verbridge, SV Design

Jean Verbridge's career has hardly been a straight line. "I feel like I've lived my life by having lightning strike, in a positive way," she says....

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Cape Cod Home Press Cover Summer 2021
Pleasant Bay Blues

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” the color blue is thought to represent hope and whimsy. With every reference of the color, the story unfolds amidst idyllic and aspirational scenes. Whether it be the glasses of Dr. Eckleburg or Gatsby’s blue garden beneath the stars, blue conjures hope. In the Madsens’ family home, the color blue calmly flows throughout each space, acknowledging the waterfront exterior as it informs every corner of the interior...

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Cape Cod Design Guide Press Coastal Cove Cover
An Estate for All Ages

SV Design creates a family home with ample spaces to gather and relax, both indoors and out....

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Fine Home Building July2021 Wild Apple Cover
Houses by Design: Connected in Antiquity

The owner of this house, a contractor, partnered with SV Design and Ennis Construction to build a classic New England connected farmhouse with a Greek Revival home at one end and a timber-frame barn at the other...

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Chatham Living by the Sea Spring Summer Cover 2021
A Reimagined Retreat

A couple's small remodeling project morphs into a major renovation of their uniquely designed Chatham home...

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