Our projects have been featured in regional and national press. Here’s a roundup of recent press you might have caught us in.

2020 Jan February New England Home
A New Course

Clever design gives a North Shore home an intimate feel that belies its spacious dimensions...

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2019 New England Living Winter Cover
Hot Stuff

A slot of space leading from this property's entry court...

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2019 Cape Cod Home Autumn Cover
Kitchen Inspiration: Coastal Cove

One of SV Design's Chatham, MA projects featured in Cape Cod Home's Autumn Issue.

During the initial consultation with a homeowner of a sprawling home....

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Builder Architect 08292019 Press Cover Website
Your Vision, Our Execution

SV Design's Marion, MA project featured in Builder + Architect.

An air of rightfulness and trust permeate these rooms....

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Cape Cod Home Summer2019 Cover
Balancing Act

An ingenious redesign allows this Chatham home to fully embrace both its peaceful and playful sides...

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Chatham Living By The Sea Press Cover Spring Summer2019
Catch & Keep

An extensive remodel turns a run-of-a-mill colonial into a relaxed family retreat.

Summers spent in Chatham leave lasting impressions. So when a couple with three children in their teens and twenties decided to invest in a home of their own after years of renting, they knew exactly where they wanted to be- near Hardings Beach and close to friends. They also knew a home in need of some TLC wouldn't be enough to derail their dreams.

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2019 New England Living Spring Summer
Coastal Kitchens

Perched on the rocky North Shore of Massachusetts, this kitchen blends contemporary and traditional design....

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Nshomespring2019 Presscover
Celebrating the View

Facing the Atlantic Ocean full-on, the North Shore coast was once a lookout spot for fishing fleets and for pirate and enemy ships, both British and French. Today, private residences are privy to the same unparalleled vistas—views that architect Tobin Shulman praises as nothing less than “phenomenal.” Artistically craggy rock masses cluster in the foreground, while islands sprout among the whitecaps farther out.

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CCH Annual Cover presscover 2019
The Next Wave--- Katelyn Manfredo

Self-awareness is quite an asset in life. Four years ago, Katelyn Manfredo realized she felt a bit stuck at work, recognizing that feeling was stemming from her talents going underutilized.

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