Pleasant Bay Community Boating

Harwich, Massachusetts

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The volunteer-based Board of Directors of Pleasant Bay Community Boating had a vision for the non-profit to acquire 3.5 acres of waterfront on Pleasant Bay, and is now working with SV Design to realize the full potential of their campus. Pleasant Bay Community Boating offers affordable water access and education the Cape Cod community. A compound of family summer cottages is being reimagined as locations for boating, protection of the bay, and a center for learning. Included in the master planning is the restoration of an 1887 house; sitting high on the bluff, this building will become the Center for Pleasant Bay. The home’s verandas will be rebuilt as locations to gather and enjoy the view, while interior rooms will be restored for use as meeting, class and office spaces. Planning also includes a Boating Center with large windows and expansive decks as well as an outdoor amphitheater, all of which will be useful for instruction and watching the water, classes, and regattas. Additional planning is underway to create a Nature Center for the study and preservation of Pleasant Bay’s ecosystem. An opportunity to enhance the educational experience beyond the classrooms exists in future paths from one building to the next, which will include native plant species and plaques identifying and explaining their importance to the area. Each move we make is thoughtful and creative as we recognize the potential of the program and seek to transition the property to its new use. SV Design has worked with Pleasant Bay Community Boating to create a visionary master plan for their campus and implement their first phase of renovations and additions to the main property: The Hillside facility. We look forward to helping PBCB to continue their fundraising efforts and continue to develop a campus for education and access to the water for all.

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