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Modernization of Community: Advancing Affordable Housing

Advancing Affordable Housing

The need for affordable housing remains strong across Massachusetts. Recent changes in housing and rental markets coupled with inflation have further exacerbated this need. SV Design and the YMCA of the North Shore have a long-standing relationship working together to help provide affordable living options. Part of the YMCA’s mission has always been about housing and providing resources to community members. The YMCA of the North Shore’s mission statement, "We strengthen communities, elaborate and nurture children, and promote healthy living in spirit, mind, and body” is evident in its purpose.

The YMCA saw an opportunity to create space for housing when they relocated the former Cape Ann YMCA facility. The YMCA acquired property to build a brand-new facility, the Glen T. MacLeod Cape Ann YMCA, which was designed by SV Design and completed in 2021. The former facility was in downtown Gloucester, and the YMCA seized the opportunity to turn this valuable YMCA asset into affordable housing. The John J. Meany Affordable Senior Housing, formerly known as Middle Street YMCA Housing project, will add 44 units of affordable senior housing to the city of Gloucester and the North Shore community. The project's design considerations will keep the historic downtown neighborhood's architectural aestheticand meet new senior housing guidelines and standards for aging-in-place as set forth by the Enterprise Green Communities program. The project will provide older adults with the necessary features, enhancements, and amenities.

In April 2022, the John J. Meany Affordable Senior Housing project was awarded DHCD and LIHTC funding earlier this month. This is a massive achievement towards funding the project and working towards the goal of providing more affordable housing on the North Shore. Construction is estimated to start in early summer 2022.

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