Care Dimensions Marshall Dackert 08 Hero

A Place for Care and Compassion

Care Dimensions is a new hospice facility in Lincoln, Massachusetts, designed to ease the end-of-life transition. With a focus on the emotional and practical needs of its patients and their families, the facility offers multiple settings for solitary contemplation. Set in a wooded area overlooking a lake, the natural surroundings are integral to the hospice's state of mind and mood; from color, texture, and lighting to furniture choices, spacing, and function.

Flexible spaces anticipate the needs of families living away from their homes, including work areas with computer connections and access to printers. A casual kitchen area is an important addition to help families feel a sense of normalcy and gather communally. A play area provides an escape for little ones, complete with the serene backdrop of an aquarium.

The project was completed in 2018, in collaboration with EGA Architects and Windover Construction.