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Top 10 Home Design Trends of 2020

Top 10 Residential Design Trends of 2020

1. Indoor and Outdoor Connection

Extend the seasons with functional design that connects outdoors to indoors. The resurgence of a front porch provides opportunity for visiting with neighbors.

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2. Natural Elements

Natural elements such as stone, wood, and metals provide inspiration when designing your home. The complex blend of patterns and textures from natural materials allows for a mix reflective of nature.

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3. Flexible and Innovative Spaces

Make sure every inch counts. Flexible spaces can be transitional for the season, time of day, and lifestyle of homeowners. Personalized spaces of home are crafted around the homeowners and their guests.

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4. Spacious Bathrooms

Master bathrooms with a sanctuary space allow for a homeowner to embrace rest and relaxation. Added design elements such as thoughtfully placed freestanding tubs and furniture create personalized touches.

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5. Personality

Houses need periodic “personality makeovers” to reflect the personalities of the homeowners and to stay current and relevant. There is a trend towards authenticity, embellishing the house with meaningful furniture, furnishings and accessories. Handcrafted arts, antiques, and products procured over a period of time are making a comeback.

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6. Environmental Matters

The continual uptick in sustainability has increased year over year. Incorporation of LEDs, quality furnishings, and finding uses for well-loved pieces in the home are part of this trend.

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7. Multi-Generational

To design a home is not just for present day, but a look at what is to come. The inclusion of elevators, first floor master suites, curbless showers, and wider doors can be part of this vision. Spaces for family to visit and in-law suites are designed to suit those who frequent the residence and to provide a home that is inclusive to all.

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8. Entertaining Back in the Home

Both informal and formal events in the home are on the rise. These spaces include outdoor terraces, kitchens, informal dining areas and bars.

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9. Everything's in Its Place

An organized home makes for an organized mind. Thoughtfully designed spaces can reduce the accumulation of clutter throughout a house. From mudrooms to master closets, attention to the storage needs of the homeowners will make the flow of life smoother.

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10. Family Focus

Everything comes back to family—family by blood or family by choice. To have spaces that revolve around one’s loved ones is centric to the design of the home. As SV moves through the design process with a homeowner, we want to know everyone who occupies the spaces and what their interests are, in order to design a home that is personalized to each member of the family.

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