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“They design spaces that are visually captivating, adapt to the environment, and create a holistic flow between the exterior and interior.”
Jay Horgan 
Residential & Commercial Client

Successful architecture should holistically connect outside spaces with the rooms inside. As important as the structure itself, the surrounding landscape should elevate expectations from the pathway to the front door, and focus the eye from the inside as well as out. Whether designing a private residence or a multi-family building, we begin each project by giving careful consideration to how the spaces will harmonize with the environment – and how to extend the living experience onto the land.

Our Approach

When designing outdoor spaces, we strive to create an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable habitat that will serve and enhance the client’s lifestyle while honoring the natural environment. Applying a palette of native and ornamental plantings, natural outcroppings, and pure geometries, we create sustainable outdoor spaces that reflect the owners’ values and respect the character of the site. As part of an integrated model, our cross-disciplinary team works in concert with our long-standing partners to ensure the final result is as beautiful as it is functional – inside and out.