The Cabot Theater & Streetside Bar

Beverly, Massachusetts
Architecture, Interior Design

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Historic Cabot Theater has been a focal point in downtown Beverly, welcoming moviegoers for almost a century. At risk of falling to ruin, the historic North Shore gem was rescued by community activists and converted to a live-performance venue. The group hired SV Design to restore the theater to its former glory, and revitalize it with technology upgrades and thoughtful design updates. With the addition of a lively new bar and performance space, The Cabot is once again a vibrant venue, attracting new visitors to the heart of downtown Beverly.

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In addition to the restoration of the historic marquee and the replacement of the auditorium seats, the existing 1920 timber roof trusses were reinforced with tensioned steel cables. More open floor space was created to accommodate a broader range of performances and events. Completely new and energy efficient heating and cooling was added throughout the entire building, theater, offices, and storefronts. In the continuing renovation the main dome above the theater and the vaulted lobby space will be restored to their original grandeur.

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An exciting addition is a new bar and music venue near the main entrance. Streetside at the Cabot supplements the main theater during large events, and features separate programming on other nights of the week. The interior design of the new full-service bar highlights the original terracotta brick wall, adding a touch of modern with exposed ductwork and lighting trusses in the soaring ceilings. Reclaimed elements were used for most of the equipment including sinks, coolers, and taps. One of the main focal points is the bar itself; a stone countertop salvaged from a bar slated for demolition and retrofitted for Streetside’s layout.

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photography by: Eric Roth