Granite Street Housing

Rockport, Massachusetts
Architecture, Interiors

Rendering For Zba

Harborlight Community Partners’ Granite Street Housing project adds affordable multi-generational housing centrally located to the heart of Rockport, Massachusetts. The site will have six affordable family townhouses, while 17 supportive senior living units will be designed in a larger building on the opposite side of the lot from the townhouses. The character of the architecture in Rockport is traditionally comprised of small-scale buildings and features a combination of shingle and clapboard siding with pitched roofs and simple double hung windows. The proposed exterior design for the senior facility, features shingled walls, double hung windows and pitched roofs. For visual interest, a panel and batten system are proposed to decorate the gables. The goal is for the project to largely recede into its surroundings while having visual appeal and add senior housing to the town.

2016 12 28 Granite Street Crossing Application Set Page 07